The nTp time recording is a pure feedback system in the sense of SAP. This means that the entire master data management, booking correction and calculation takes place in the SAP system. At the request of the higher-level system, the nTp time recording delivers booking events so-called time tickets via the certified HR-PDC interface to SAP and in return receives the master data, profiles, etc. for forwarding to the time recording terminals. When using the HR-PDC interface, the data is exchanged in the form of upload and download files via the SAP standard gateway using IDOCs (intermediate documents = defined and monitored data packages). ID number, time stamp, booking type and terminal ID are transmitted. The nTp time recording compares the HR PDC data asynchronously with the AEOS database. SAP is the leading system arranged via the nTp time recording. The time events of the time recording are marked as "transferred" after the transfer to SAP, or deleted if desired. The access events and all events from the AEOS access control generally remain in the AEOS database and can be processed in AEOS according to user requirements

Time management

Flexible working hours and time sovereignty of the employees on the one hand, increased competition and fast delivery times on the other - efficient time management requires comprehensive transparency today: know at the push of a button who is currently working on which project for how long, evaluate all data immediately, feed it into the wage and salary system and provide meaningful information Deliver analyzes. Time management offers modern tools for mobile and flexible workforces. Record times and activities where they occur - even on the go. You have a wide range of options to choose from, e.g. terminal, PC, telephone. The recorded data is processed immediately and evaluated and booked according to your specifications. Further processing takes place seamlessly through the transfer to wage and salary systems or other third-party systems. Thanks to its technological flexibility, our time management can be integrated into almost any IT environment. The Java technology used makes adjustments to even the most complex requirements possible without great effort. Who is present and working on what? Can you still optimize the productivity of your team? You always have an overview of balances, absenteeism, overtime, bonuses - always up-to-date thanks to online processing. This transparency provides meaningful decision-making bases for the management. The automation minimizes data maintenance and routine work. There is more time for the efficient management of the staff.

With our time recording, you can secure an intelligent tool that opens up a whole range of important advantages for you:

  • Reduction of the administration effort
  • High quality management information
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Future security thanks to the latest API and Java technology