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Sector day chemical & industrial parks

November 07, 2019 in the Frankfurt Höchst industrial park

We would like to invite you to the industry day in the industrial park in Frankfurt Höchst.
Please confirm your participation at: Angelo.Rammin (at)

Due to the limited number of participants, we ask for your feedback by November 1st, 2019 at the latest.

If you are unable to attend at short notice, please also use the above email to cancel your participation.

You can find our event agenda here: Download now

Growth champion 2017

Press release


Growth champions 2017 - Nedap NTP awarded by FOCUS

Nedap Technology partner nTp for Security Management GmbH is one of the 2017 growth champions in the field of electronics, electrical engineering and medical technology. The 500 fastest growing companies in Germany were honored in the FOCUS special. For the second time, the news magazine FOCUS, together with the online portal Statista, honored German companies with the highest sales growth. The decisive factor for a placement in one of the 20 categories is the turnover in the years 2012 to 2015. The 500 growth champions were filtered out of 1.9 million entries in the commercial register.